The Importance Of Language In The Classroom

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The language that is used in the classroom affects the students and the learning that occurs in that class. Whether it is language that is for a specific content or the instruction of a second language that is different than the native tongue, it all affects the students and the success that they may have in the classroom. Many people believe that the language should be universal throughout the classes as to not confuse the students, and that the students should wait to learn a second language until high school when they are taking more elective courses. However, researchers are wondering how many of these beliefs are true. The author researched and analyzed the affect the use of content area language and the learning of a foreign language…show more content…
Townsend and Collins suggest that vocabulary is important to learning different languages and variations of the same language. They suggest that all classrooms use academic vocabulary which is both complex and abstract in nature. However, often academic vocabulary is difficult to comprehend, thus making it difficult for the students to learn. In addition, academic vocabulary contains a specific subset of words, leading to rich vocabulary instruction. This type of instruction can be difficult for the students to understand. It is essential for students to understand the knowledge that can be gained through vocabulary and the growth that can be attained through vocabulary intervention. The vocabulary for each content area can be developed outside of the content area classroom. The language of every content area is essential for the students to learn in school. The vocabulary that each content area contains is a major part of a content area. This vocabulary can help the students to better understand the different aspects of a content. When a student does not understand a part of a subject area, the student has a better opportunity to struggle until that student understands

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