Constellation Skincare's Copy Strategy

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The creation and reasoning behind Constellation Skincare’s Copy Strategy A copy strategy is defined as the strategic choices or thinking behind the creation of the brand’s advertising and consists of five points. Firstly, the brand must consider its consumer benefit which is the advantage the product promises the consumer. Secondly, there must be reasons why consumers should buy the brand’s product. It is the rational argument an ad offers to make the products’ promised advantages credible. Thirdly, there should be supporting evidence which is the rhetorical support that adds credibility to the strategic promise. Fourthly, the tone of voice; the modes of expression in the presentation of the advantages and relative supporting arguments. Lastly, the brand’s target market; the precise demographic of its targeted audience. It is important to the creative team to have a copy strategy because if you do not have a copy strategy, the advertising will be sub-standard and it is unlikely…show more content…
We offer the greatest purity, the most abundant nutrients and the highest amount of skin-improving constituents. The Robusta coffee bean contains a greater quantity of caffeine which makes it a great exfoliator and has powerful antioxidants and oils that help nourish and protect the skin. It also helps to brighten, tighten and cleanse the skin of toxics. Rosehip oil has anti-aging properties and helps with eczema and acne scarring. White clay removes the impurities from skin gently without stripping the skin of its natural oils. Consumers will have firmer, smoother, youthful skin which contributes to a stunning appearance. Constellation believes a happy skin brings confidence and increases a person’s self-esteem. Therefore, at the back of the product’s packaging, we include the ingredient’s benefits for the consumer’s knowledge. This helps bring reassurance to the consumers

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