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In order for continuous improvement and lean manufacturing to be successful all employees need to be engaged in the process. There are many players involved in lean manufacturing, from line workers to front line supervisors to engineering, and each has an important role to play. [MAJOR HEAD] Training and Certification All business managers and owners know that the most effective problem solvers are their employees. The employees are the ones who are on the front line each day. They are the ones encountering and working ith the same frustrating issues every day; therefore, they are directly connected to the product and the customers. Employees have important process improvement information which can be very useful to help identify and resolve…show more content…
Kaizen Training A. Change for Better Kaizen is a Japanese word which means “change for better”. It deals with any improvement, one-time or continuous, large or small, in the same sense as the English word “improvement”. Kaizen Training will bring improvements internally from within the workplace. B. Benefits of a Kaizen Workplace 1. Improved Productivity 2. Improved Quality 3. Better Safety 4. Faster Delivery 5. Lower Costs 6. Greater Customer Satisfaction 7. Reduces Wastes, such as: employee skills, waiting times, transportation, worker motion, over production, excess inventory, quality, and in process. 8. Involves every employee in change due to identifying problems on their level and changing standards to solve them. C. Three Main Principles of Kaizen 1. Respect for Time 2. Attention to Details 3. Attitude for Perfection D. Five S’s of Kaizen 1. Sort: “When in doubt, move it out” 2. Set in order: “A place for everything, everything in its’ place” 3. Shine: “Clean and Inspect” 4. Standardize: “Make rules, follow and enforce them” 5. Sustain: “Make is part of daily work so it becomes habit” E. Toyota…show more content…
This ease and enjoyment lead to a higher employee morale and job satisfaction which leads to a lower turn-over rate. When employees are allowed to participate in decisions being made and are company trained to do so, they feel connected, important, and vital to the company’s process. This leads to a greater participation in the company. The employees’ morale is increased, and they enjoy work. All of this leads to less days off and more productivity within the employees and the

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