Rose And Billy Case Study

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Compare the cases of Rose and Billy, I think Rose is likely to experience more stigma. Sexual worker is someone who provides sexual services to get paid, or who performs sex in a sex industry, such as a porn actress. First of all, in the community, people who engage in sexual work as social deviance. There is widespread bias and discrimination against sexual workers. In this case, the article said that" Rose does worry about her children knowing what their mother does for her work" and she said “Right now my children are young, but I will stop working as a prostitute when they are older. I don’t want them to know how their mother pays for their education.” Rose worries about that their children will know what his mother is doing. Rose also worries that if they know and how to deal with their own. Because Rose knew, this work in the society is unethical, and it is detrimental to the image. Maybe she will feel that their children will not agree with her practice, even ashamed of her. Or if her friends and relatives know these thing, they will gradually away from her, and they will discriminate against her. According to John Braithwaite, an Australian criminologist, a theory called Self-fulfilling Prophesy points out that prophecy can affect…show more content…
Rose in order to support the family's daily expenses, and their child’s education, only forced to engage in sexual work which is a high-paying job, it can be said that she is just to make a living. However, in any case, engaged in sex work for the Rose is already stigmatized, even if some sex workers just dress sexy cloths, to provide customer with visual enjoyment, and some sexual workers just listen to customers complained to them and provide comfort to speak, they may not provide sexual services, but also by the community as deviance. Therefore, sexual workers become a social

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