Speech On Earth Destroying Earth

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Earth is the God’s gift to man's kind, it became the home of people, it is the key of our existence, it is our world. But yet we care more about our house than about our home. We, humans, even though the perfect creations, the self-proclaimed most intelligent species on the planet, are leading ourselves into the destruction. Ironically, Earth is the only planet in our solar system known to have life, but yet slowly dying. You may think I’m lying, as intelligent as humans are they would for sure do anything to make planet Earth a better place, protect it, care about it, make sure never to make any harm to it; but the reality is just the opposite. The sad true is, they are destroying Earth with all their knowledge and intelligence; their development and technology are just contributing to…show more content…
To make it even worse the food that you eat is affecting the planet in a really bad way. Meat and dairy production is one of the leading factors of polluting our planet, impacting everything from the soil all through the air. Livestock farms are causing tremendous damage to our health, animal suffering and to the environment. According to the United Nations, livestock rising uses thirty percent of the Earths land mass. People are wasting a lot of energy while transporting the grains for feeding animals, slathering them, transporting meat and dairy products, keeping them refrigerated or frozen. Further, it takes a hundred times more water for producing meat, than for growing wheat. Mass production of livestock contributes to the pollution of water, land and air. A large amount of animal waste is thrown in the sea and lakes. Livestock is damaging the soil with the chemicals from their urine and faces. Animal farming contributes to the greenhouse gas emissions… The second easiest thing to do is to recycle, of course it would be better to change the way of production in the
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