Importance Of Instruction In The Classroom

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THEORETICAL FRAMEWORK Today the teaching of English as a foreign language is a challenge for education in Colombia, as it seeks to make students competent citizens in communication skills. Allowing them to operate in a social context, that increasingly demands different knowledge, the majority of which can be accessed through cultural exchange with other countries. Therefore the duty of teachers as key players in the challenge of guiding such learning is to search tools to facilitate the development of these components. Which lead them to investigate and reflect on their teaching practices, with the aim to identify the students’ needs and / or the difficulties that should be strengthened. For this reason this project is focused on observations on issues regarding classroom instructions. These would encompass the importance of effective instructions, teacher’s roles in delivering the instructions well and checking on the students’ needs and understanding on the instructions. To start the analysis it is important to recognize the Roles of Instructions in the Classroom. The issue of classroom instructions falls mostly on the teachers’ role that they are the ones who are doing the instructing part. While there are other things to be…show more content…
Besides that, similar study has also matched this finding in which Kinoshita (2003) proposed the importance of instructions as the medium to show how strategies, efficiently are supposed to be used in learning. Besides raising students’ awareness while learning, effective instructions are claimed to be significant in providing learners with systematic practice, reinforcement and self-monitoring of their strategy use while attending to language learning activities in
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