The Importance Of Diversity In Adult Learning

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Today’s schools are becoming diverse. Educational context diversity means the differences between teachers and students. These reasons for differences may be the culture, gender, age, personality, ethnicity etc. We find our classrooms are populated with gifted students, students with culturally diverse, and students with learning disabilities. The diversity variables focus on my analysis are the age group, culture, gender and language. Identifying how different students learn and their learning patterns is a way in which teachers can meet the learning needs of diverse students (Bank et al.,2009). I am currently working with ESL learners of age 10-12. I teach them English and French language. I see myself as the facilitator of learning for the children in my class (Laureate Education, 2014), who are 10 to 12 years old. My classroom consists of students with varying learning abilities. Hence, my regular classroom strategies include using theories and strategies to cater to the varying needs and learning styles of my students. Learners’ culture sometimes becomes a barrier to second language…show more content…
The theme of this study is to highlight the importance adult learning. Adult learning is essential in today’s world as the world changes faster (Phipps et al., 2013). This study is important to me as I work with diverse students of different ages. The paper further investigates the influence of age on adults’ intentions to learn. Qualitative research done with some university students show that when the students are gaining more confidence, they develop their learning capacity. The author believes that the further research should be done to identify learning scenarios where the age of the students plays an important role. According to the study, it is important for educational leaders to be aware of the learning process of adults so that it is easy to facilitate their learning process with relevant knowledge and

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