Quantitative Self Assessment

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The quantitative instrument will be a pre and post writing rubric and will be composed of a 3 point scale from consistent, emerging, and not given. These are aligned with the report card and interim reports as well to give a uniformity to the grading given in this first grade class at an arts-integrated elementary school. The pre and post writing rubric will have two headings, with three subheadings and their descriptors will follow. One heading will be for the organization and the second will be for the conventions. At the top of the rubric, organization will be the first heading with the subheadings of consistent, emerging and not given accompanied by their descriptors. Following the first heading will be the second heading of conventions…show more content…
This document will be a printed document containing a list of the organization sections and conventions with an adjacent line for the students to check when they see it in their writing. At the top of the document will read author’s self-assessment checklist. The center-justified title is significant in that it gives them validation as an author and importance and relevance in their writing. Beneath the title, will be a left-justified line for their name and date, with an adjacent line to put the title of their story. Placing a place for the title will be a helpful organization tool as well as a reminder for the students if they have not titled their writing. Below that will be a left-justified numbered list, containing the two sections of organization and conventions. Under the organization section will be a list of beginning, and ending. Immediately below that will be the second section labeled organization. It will have beginning capital letters and end punctuation beneath. All of the labels will have a line adjacent to the label for the students to check if they feel it is in their writing. This can be added to and must be completed, meaning written on in some way, prior to the writing conference. It can also be completed at the beginning of the conference, while the teacher researcher is reading the student participants writing before they begin reading their writing to the teacher researcher for the writing conference. At the bottom of each self-assessment checklist will be several lines and labeled comments, for the students to write a comment if they would like to further reflect on their

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