Assignment 3: Rhetoric In Accounting

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Kumail Fawad November 3rd, 2014 ENGL109 - 013 Assignment 3 Math Rhetoric One of the most well-known jobs in the world, being an accountant, is something that most people do not realize consisting not only mathematical and statistical technique, but also require people to be good at writing. An accountant’s work revolves around “financial reporting, taxation, auditing, forensic accounting, corporate finance, business recovery and insolvency, or accounting systems and processes.” (Prospects) The job requires dedication and hard work, and can be extremely rewarding in a person’s future if done so carefully. It involves all types of writing, formal, semi-formal, and informal writing, as it all varies to who you are writing to, and what you are…show more content…
An accountant’s job requires more communication skills.”(PSEBuffalo) The quote itself shows the importance of writing in accounting. What used to be known as a job that only required a person to be good in mathematics, now also requires people to have good communication skills, where the writing skills are judged off of a person’s resume, while their oral communication skills are judged off of the interviews held the companies applied to. “Today, people skills and communication skills-“personality”-are essential for success in an accounting career.” (PSEBuffalo) The market nowadays requires people to be good in communication, as communication is considered a key aspect in any career, as it boosts the customer’s happiness and loyalty towards the company. It is known that in every industry, and every job, writing is an important aspect at the least, with writing being the standard way of communication in the entire world. In accounting, the first thing that an accountant has to be able to do is to make reports. Making these reports displays a type of writing, formal writing, in accounting since the reports are to be sent to the…show more content…
To communicate within the company, accountants almost always send emails to communicate between each other and to keep their work updated. Employees from different companies than one another prefer email as a choice of communication rather than most other forms as well, since other forms of communication usually require more of a hassle compared to the ease of simply writing an short email. For example, email is preferred more than giving a call to fellow coworkers, since a call can interrupt the employee during a meeting or another form of work which can distract them and others, whereas an email can be seen during any time that is suits the employee, making email more efficient. “The twenty-first century is the era of information. People who can use the information effectively are who will have the market opportunities.”(PSEBuffalo) This quote above analyzed by the statements given above, and display how good communication benefits not only the employee, but also the company in terms of having a better communication standard between employees. This displays the importance of writing in accounting just as a standard of

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