The Importance Of Job Enrichment

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• Combine Tasks Combine work activities to provide a more challenging and complex work assignment. This can significantly increase ‘task identity´ because people see a job through from start to finish. This enables laborers to utilize a wide assortment of aptitudes, which can make the work appear to be more significant and imperative. For example, you can convert an assembly line process, in which each person does one task, into a process in which one person assembles a whole unit. We can apply this model wherever you have people or groups that typically perform only one part of an overall process. Consider expanding their roles to give them responsibility for the entire process, or for a bigger part of that process. • Identify Project-Focused…show more content…
Job enrichment is connected to the concept of job enlargement. Job enrichment is the process of "improving work processes and environments so they are more satisfying for employees”. Many jobs are monotonous and unrewarding - particularly in the primary and secondary production industries. Workers can feel dissatisfied in their position due to a lack of a challenge, repetitive procedures, or an over-controlled authority…show more content…
This incorporates peer bolster systems, steady administration, and evacuating components that cultivate doubt and politicking This includes peer support networks, supportive management, and removing elements that foster mistrust and politicking. • Free flow of information. Eliminate secrecy. • Provide enough freedom to facilitate job excellence. Encourage and reward employee initiative. Flextime or compressed hours could be offered. • Provide adequate recognition, appreciation, and other motivators. • Provide skill improvement opportunities. This could include paid education at universities or on the job training. • Provide job variety. This ought to be conceivable by occupation sharing or business upset program. It may be necessary to re-engineer the job process. This could involve redesigning the physical facility, redesign processes, change technologies, simplification of procedures, elimination of repetitiveness, redesigning authority structures. 2. Link employee’s performance directly to reward: • Clear definition of the reward is a must • Clarification of the connection amongst execution and reward is vital • Make sure the employee gets the right reward if performs well • If reward is not given, explanation is

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