Establish And Adjust Marketing Mix Case Study

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Establish and adjust the marketing mix Assessment Task 2: Project – Determine the marketing mix 1. For the new marketing opportunity and in relation to the product or service, answer the following questions? Product: Who is the product or service aimed at? Corporate customers: Gurp Logistic Company’s main target customers are the big corporates from local government, universities, public schools, etc. As these customers are long term for Gurp Logistic Company, it needs to provide the quality customer services and ensure all its business operations and activities comply with the government legislations and regulations. The return for the investment to target this main segment is profitable and stably positive. What key features and benefits…show more content…
You can be confident that if it has any problems we will fix it or replace it while under warranty Our staffs have excellent people and communication skills to liaison with all the business stakeholders to solve things quickly You can comfortably afford it Our prices are very reasonable and competitive with the minimum profit margin to be obtained from business operations You can base your decision on the good reputation our business has earned for selling other well-regarded products The company has a long history in this logistic industry and all its staffs are qualified, skillful and all obtained the required certificates to be in their positions You are receiving quality and value for money Besides the reasonable prices our services for delivery are guaranteed and warranted to ensure 100% customer satisfaction You are buying a product that is well-matched to your particular needs Our service delivery motto is “On time and just in time” to fulfil customer business demands and requirements Buying this companion product will allow you to meet the needs of your entire household With more and more customers choosing to purchase online, there are increasing demands for customers to make the service delivery thus our company is considered profitable for both companies and individual

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