Ancient Indian Crafts

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2.1.1) Ancient India crafts: The first references of Indian crafts were found in the remnants of INdua valley Civilization (3000 B.C.-1700 B.C.). The Indus valley civilization had a rich craft tradition. Metal and clay were main ingredients. It has also got a technical brilliance in the arena of pottery- making, jewelry, threading, various sculptures like metal, stone and terracotta etc. Handmade objects were mainly used for utility purpose and also excess items were exported to ancient Arabian countries mainly through voyages (indianetzone, 2014). The rich heritage of Indus Valley Civilization was not perfectly incorporated in the Vedic era, starting from 1500 B.C. Rig Veda mentions artisans as the carpenter, the weaver, the leather worker…show more content…
Pottery is made all over Rajasthan. c) Sandal wood craving- Beautiful carved work and wonderful finishing makes this craft worldwide popular. Gods, Ambabadi, Elephant, Chess pieces and Jewellery items are main product. d) Tie & Die -Bandhani is the local name for the Tie & Dye process. Parts of fabric remain un-dyed because they are covered by "Tied Threads" and knots before dying. Cotton, Silk, Chiffon, Sarees, dress materials and bed covers are made. Gents turbans are made in different designs and colours. e) Textiles and handblock printing-Various techniques of printing and dying are used in the textiles of Rajasthan. Eco-friendly dye stuffs and chemicals are used. f) Toys and Dolls-The Rajasthani toys & dolls, puppets are very popular. They are printed in colours to add to their attractiveness and charm for the children. There attractive dresses make them more charmful. Material in making these items are stuffed cotton, wood and paper mache. g) Lac bangles and decorative items- Lac items are mainly based on tradition. It includes bangles in different designs, other decorative articles are images of god & goddesses, kings, queens and different kind of birds and animals. These are decorated with glass…show more content…
Made out of waste paper and clay, the big containers or kothis are light and lasting, decorated with pieces of glass paint and relief work. Today paper mache is a commercial craft used in marriages, decorations, pops and back drops for Jhankis (Festive Occasions) j) Blue art pottery-The Persian art of glazed blue pottery found its way to Jaipur via the Moghul courts. Later the art was revived with the help of Master Craftsman Kripal Singh Shekhawat. Especially notable are the painted tiles, vases, bowls, soap dishes and door knobs. k) Metal craft- Damascening, Lac coloring, Enameling, Engraving, Inlay, punching and casting -are techniques used in metal craft. Damascening in which gold or silver wire is hammered into grooves chiseled out on steel surface. Kofta Kari, a lesser work, where silver or gold is simply stuck on the ground. Jaipur is known for its engraved, lacquered or enameled brassware for decorative purposes shield. l) Wood craving- Finest quality of carving is made on furniture, windows, partitions, beds and sofas. The seasoned wood is used, so these products are quite sturdy and long

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