The Causes Of Terrorism

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Since ages together terrorism is prevailing in most of the regions of the world, but the terminology 'terrorism' was never used when Palestinians were being terrorized by Jews and when Sri Lankans were combating with Tamil Eelams. Most leaders express that by identifying what leads to terrorism, they can begin to fight it from the start, but terrorism is a multifaceted issue. After 9/11, terrorism has been associated to a particular religion. I think religion never played a role in spreading terrorism and I am sure that it will never ever play a role in such kinds of activities because all religions propagate peace and harmony. There is a possibility that some greedy, selfish, literary illiterate clerics might have indulged in spreading wrong…show more content…
Are they really interested to end terrorism? There are different forms of terrorism, and each form has its own causes. Terrorism is the result of a combination of factors 1) political and economic modernization, 2) deprivation, 3) social inequality 4) democratization 5) school enrollment 6) respect for human rights and class structure. Among these the most important are economical, social and political factors. The most popular theory is that poverty causes terrorism. When people are deprived of certain resources and opportunities, poverty can create resentment and cause some to turn to terrorism to express their outrage. When social inequality develops, many people become angry because they are unable to achieve what others are easily able to, thus creating internal conflict and making it more likely for terrorism to occur as a result. When the people of a given area are so dissatisfied with the state of their lives, they are more likely to turn to extreme measures, or are more likely to be persuaded to do…show more content…
Studies show that terrorism has a strong link with social injustice at the hands of undemocratic government rather than poverty. When the government is unable to provide basic standard of living, citizens become displeased and this is when terrorist organizations are able to recruit. It is up to the government to provide the resources necessary for the people to survive. This include schooling, jobs, hospitals, medical care all fundamental rights to their citizens. When a state has very low respect for human rights, the citizens are more likely to have grievances with those in charge. In order to right the wrongs of the government, citizens may turn to

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