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I've always been a sympathizer of promoting cultural exchange while building relations and connections between people from all over the world. Nowadays, this is achievable in a much more attainable and faster way thanks to networking. I had the opportunity to take advantage of such mechanism / key feature during my internship in KOTRA (Commercial Section of the Embassy of South Korea) where I was in managed the social networks / media of the institution. Through this tool I promoted trade relations and business opportunities between Dominican Republic and South Korea. Along with this, I also had the chance to learn to organize and promote the international fairs that we held in DR and South Korea through social media as a networking tool.…show more content…
Something that my classmates from school and college always used to tell me when we had to make an oral presentation was: You are definitely presenting! The fact of introducing a topic with security while speaking, finding a way to hook the audience and to conclude it with power of convincement is something that I’m proudly to say that I have developed. Not everyone knows how to deliver a message in the right way and to the target public, and this is essential in order to get to influence and lead others in their chosen profession and…show more content…
Also, I believe that another of my strengths is the good use of resources, like including stories, motivational phrases, anecdotes, experiences that can arouse the interest of the public, and make my presentation interesting. To sum up, another of the many things I have learned both from my jobs and while studying my career is the importance of making connections with people around the world. Thanks to my work experience I have been able to meet people from all over the world, like the international fairs that I was able to attend in Japan (April 2016) and Germany (May 2017) as representative of the

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