Military Education Research Paper

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Introduction Why is education so important? That is the one question many college student’s face throughout their academic journey. Education can benefit an individual in many ways. Through the military and life is just two of the main reasons you should focus on a degree. This essay will explain the benefits of higher education and why it is so important for someone to have. Military The military encourages all military personnel and their dependents to pursue some type of degree. They offer many benefits like paying for tuition, money each month for any extra expenses and the opportunity to CLEP a course. CLEP stands for College-Level Examination Program. If a student chooses to CLEP a class and passes it, then they are credited for…show more content…
If a military member plans on retiring from the military, then a degree will benefit them when it comes to promotions. Being promoted to higher ranks means more responsibilities and leadership. The one section in a promotion packet the board will look for is college education. If an individual has higher education, then they will depend on those to lead troops in the right direction. Another important reason for obtaining an education is to become a commissioned officer in our armed forces. If anyone is interested in becoming an officer in the military, then they must hold a bachelor’s degree or higher to be considered for that duty. An officer is similar to a manager of a company. Most companies require their supervisors or managers to have higher education. They are the ones who will make the more professional decisions that will help the company succeed. According to one of the websites listed below, the College-Level Examination Program awards college credit at more than 2,900 U.S. colleges and universities. Passing a CLEP exam can earn a college student the same amount of credits as a student who successfully completed the same course at a school. Another important subject the website talks about is how important education is for after a military career. He states how with some companies; the bare minimum of education is require to be considered for the job. Also, how having higher education can be the tie-breaker that will get you
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