Sweet Tooth's Standards Of Business Ethics Case Study

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ensuring the welfare of their families is what makes them contented and happy. With this, the company will ensure that family is given importance by giving salaries, bonuses and incentives that can feed a family, providing company outing where employees can bring their immediate families, providing scholarships to their children, and entitle them with insurance and pension plan. • Employer of Choice An employer of choice is the company employees are happy to be a part of and the company for which others want to work. Sweet Tooth achieves this goal by strengthening employer-employee relationships through offering innovating compensation and benefits packages and keeping the employees challenged and motivated through scientific management, job…show more content…
Standards of Business Conduct Sweet Tooth’s Standards of Business Conduct (SBC) embody the fundamental principles governing its ethical and legal obligations. SBC pertain not only to the conduct within the company but also the conduct involving its customers, suppliers, owners, and other partners. SBC guide and direct the company to resources helping to make the right decisions. • Management Commitment Sweet Tooth’s management is committed to living up to high standards of ethical behavior. The owner oversees the Company’s commitment to ethics and compliance with legal standards. • Personal Accountability Each member of the company, including the owner and employees, represents Sweet Tooth, and everyone must do his/her best at all times to uphold the reputation of the Company. The company’s success depends on each of member accepting personal responsibility for doing the right thing. Every member of the organization accepts the obligation to stop or prevent actions that could harm customers, the System or Sweet Tooth’s reputation, and to report any such actions as soon as they occur. Employees who violate the law or the Standards of Business Conduct are subject to disciplinary action, up to and including termination of…show more content…
Job Description  Provide exceptional customer service.  Increase product sales by telling customers about the features and benefits of the products  Follow all food safety guidelines including hand washing, sanitizing, cooling, and storing of product to guard against contamination and assure that all products are safe for consumption.  Assure that all stock is maintained at the appropriate level by restocking cases and shelves as needed to assure that adequate inventory levels of each product are displayed to avoid lost sales from product shortages.  Follow stock rotation guidelines to assure that distressed and close dated product is removed from the sales floor at the appropriate time to maximize product freshness and quality for our customers.  Follow all safety guidelines to ensure that safe work practices are used at all times and to ensure that a safe working and shopping environment is maintained at all times.  Maintain a clean and orderly work area including sales floor and backroom areas that are free from debris and clutter with clean floors, cases, shelves, glass, clean and organized coolers and/or storage areas, and clean and/or sanitized equipment and/or tools as appropriate for the

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