The Importance Of Interpersonal Communication In An Organization

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Every organization has the main purpose of earning good profit and the most important element in achieving that purpose is to satisfy its customer. Customer satisfaction eventually leads to good profit and a larger share in the market. Good and healthy organizational cultural can help in achieving the customer satisfaction that can assist in making healthy relations with customers as well. The ability of an employee to communicate inside and outside an organization depends heavily upon their interpersonal skills. Employees need to learn and continuously improve their interpersonal skills in order to be efficient and effective in meeting the goals of the organization. (Fuller, 2015)It is considered that effective communication in organizational…show more content…
(Armstrong, 2008) Working in an organization includes dealing with conflicts, but to deal with conflict and to take advantage of joint work, requires conflict management. Managing conflict at workplace makes it easier and convenient for other people in the organization to communicate with each other and improves working environment as well. Conflict management plays an important role in building strong relations and better understanding which can eventually be helpful in dealing with different kinds of customers as well. (Lewis, 2004) Resolving daily issues or conflicts require good leadership skills. Researches suggest that the ability of people to coordinate and work well together across organizational boundaries depends upon how well they manage conflict and how strong leaders they have. Organizations that have inspirational and visionary leaders who attract hard-working people tend to grow more rapidly. Good managers know how to bring discipline, structure, and process to bear and it has the capability to resolve the conflicts and take decision in the best interest of the organization which can result in higher…show more content…
(Darling & Heller, 2011, pp. 35-54) For Susan Alderson, Vice President for International Marketing of Innovative Technologies, Inc., headquartered in Chicago, IL, after having been appointed the primary executive on the project for ITI, dealt with major surprise in the negotiation process with managers of the STC which require extreme amount of time and effort in developing the relationships and networks that were necessary for success in the high-context Chinese culture. This illustrates that how she maintained a positive reflection and her sense of global responsibility, and after more than two years, she and her team of ITI personnel were successful in consummating a joint manufacturing and marketing agreement with the STC. She realized that a successful approach to conflict management in a high-context culture such as China must seek not to eliminate conflict or to avoid it, but to learn how to manage it creatively and constructively, in a positive thought-based manner, with sensitivity to global responsibility. Herb Kelleher, a former CEO and a current chairman of Southwest Airlines believes that the employees come first and if they're happy, satisfied, dedicated, and energetic, they'll take good care of the customers. He also suggests that

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