Essay On Downward Communication

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1. Background of Study For the smooth functioning of the business, effective communication at the workplace is very important. In an organization a two-way communication is a must. Managers should have personal contacts with their subordinates. They can help reduce absenteeism amongst workers and also increase their productivity through proper communication. They should properly communicate the goals and policies of the organization to their subordinates and also get proper feedback from them on these goals and policies .The ability to communicate and interact with others is the most important skill to achieve success in both of our personal and career lives. However, few of us are bad in speaking with others and unaware that…show more content…
Non-verbal communication is normally understand as the procedure of communicating through sending and getting silent messages. The result of interaction of involved parties can be determined by the level of effectiveness of communication, either positive or negative. If the result is negative, that mean communication between parties was ineffective and has some barrier problems then some difficulty will be arising. Besides, the barriers or ineffectiveness communication cannot be underestimated. Due to several factors that caused ineffective communication, certain skill and understanding should behave in everyone. Other than that, different level of skill and understanding are involved in different forms of communication such as downward communication. The managers and employees are in the form of downward communication in an organization. However, there are also existing interpersonal communication between managers and employees. If we want to increase the level of skill and understanding, we should focus more in interpersonal communication. Interpersonal communication is a person to person, two way verbal (written and oral) and nonverbal interaction that includes sharing information and feeling between individual or in small group that establishes trusting

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