Personal Narrative Essay: My Journey At Metrowest

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My journey at metrowest My story begins at north high school. I went to north my first two years of high school. I had a bad experience at north. I got into the wrong crowd right off the bat. I passed only about half of my classes first semester freshman year. Second semester i met my demon. I met a boy that was a demon. He made me think that he loved me but he didn’t. He used me like his bully doll, he mentally and sometimes physically abused me. He broke me down to my lowest point in life, i was 15 years old wanting to die. I had gained so much depression and anxiety to the point i wouldn’t even eat, i weighed about 80lbs. I stuck by his side though because i thought he loved me. He would get locked up at least once a month. I would wait and wait for him.. But then he told me he was getting locked up for about a year. He left me. Alone with no friends because he made me abandon…show more content…
Since he left me i was cold, not sad anymore, only mad. I got some friends back and i gained new friends. I started skipping school again but this time i started using drugs. I would skip school to go get high and if i couldn’t leave i would go in the bathroom and get high. Eventually it got so bad that i didn’t even want to go to school anymore i just wanted to go get high. Eventually i started getting bullied because of rumors my demon made. Everyone believes the guy right, girls are just liars right. So to gain my friends back i started selling drugs. That didn’t work because i ended up taking them all. I wanted to drop out, i had no friends, i was a drug addict and i was failing every single one of my classes. I wanted to get my life together. I begged my mom to open enroll me into saydel. I was so scared that they weren’t going to accept me into saydel because of my terrible grades and attendance. We got the letter, I GOT ACCEPTED! I was so excited. My anxiety kicked in i was so scared but happy at the same

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