Being Globally Savvy Case Study

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Being Globally Savvy is a Demanding Charge The global nature of business requires today's leaders to acquire knowledge of the company’s worldwide business structure and develop a deeper understanding of international business issues. Increasingly, senior leaders are engaged in transacting business and interacting with stakeholders across the globe, where practices & processes are different from their home country. They have direct or matrix reporting relationships which spread across the globe, necessitating change in leadership style based on the situation. BUSINESS & ORGANIZATION The Business and Organization pillar emphasizes the competencies which influence a leader’s ability to be well perceived for managing an organization. These…show more content…
The competencies drive the importance of recognizing that differences exist between team members being led. However, the art of being an effective Executive lies in the ability to help their team recognize the larger goals of the organization as they face cultural and communication differences, and conflict, all of which are part of working in a global organization in the twenty-first century. Mastery of these competencies provides an Executive with the ability to produce desired results and work within an innovative and productive…show more content…
Excelling at these competencies can lead to the improved capability of the organization to be innovative and a more productive workforce. Entrepreneurial Spirit – The capability of an Executive to constantly seek change, question the status quo, drive innovation, and convert ideas to profitability for an organization. The leader skilled in this competency encourages input from all levels of the organization and seeks out new ideas to stay ahead of existing and new competition. Thinking and Learning Agility – The commitment to growing one’s knowledge every day. As a critical skill for all Executives, this competency requires leaders to stay current on new technologies, processes, and ways of doing business in order to avoid outdated or obsolete activities. The skilled Executive in this competency is one who is adaptable and can provide innovative and creative solutions to problems in order to advance the productivity and market positioning of an

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