Importance And Importance Of Management

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What is Management? Management is the process of reaching organizational goals by working with and through people and other organizational resources. It is also about deciding how best to use an organisation’s resources to produce goods or services • Employees • Equipment • Money Types of management in organization An organization can have different managers under different authority level, known by other titles and at different levels in the management hierarchy. There are 3 levels of management that are typically found in an organization and these are as follows:  Administrative or Top – level management  Executive or Middle – level management  Supervisory or Low – level management…show more content…
They communicate decisions taken to the workers and inform the management about performances, difficulties, and demands of workers. 7. They ensure discipline in the business. 8. They have limited authority but important responsibility of getting work done from workers. 9. Apart from basic management skills and experience, they require more technical and communication skills. THE IMPORTANCE OF MANAGEMENT All organizations are dependent on group work. Group action and joint efforts have become vital in the stroll of everyday life. Management is needed wherever two or more individuals cooperate to accomplish common targets. The accomplishment in group action relies on shared participation amongst the individuals of the group. Management makes cooperation and coordination among specialized efforts. Management is essential in all organizations whether a business firm, a government, a hospital, a school, a club and so on. Management is an inventive power which helps in the ideal usage of assets. Competent managerial leadership alone can change over the muddle assets of men, materials, cash and machinery into a gainful undertaking. Without management, an organization is just an accumulation of men, materials, cash and

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