Situation Analysis In Counseling

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Situation Analysis Handling the problems on issues that come along in life is not a laxing bulls eye to hit. Every day person encounter difficulties and problem issues that cannot ignore. Each one of us experience a dilemma on handling problems with strength self assurance and clear mind. If you work as a guidance counselor, or have been a counselor before, you would know the benefits of speaking with somebody on a one-on-one setting around certain issues that disturb one’s behavior. There is no shame in asking for a remedy or solution to a problem. Thus being in the profession of a Guidance Counselor/ Guidance Practitioner encased a challenge that it should be expert in those skills and to familiarize the process of techniques…show more content…
Such there is a place for certainly foe novices as in Uncertainty/Certainty Principle of Professional Development/(Skovholt & Ronnestad, 2001)in which the beginner faced with the heat of the ambiguous complexity of human life needs, help in doping counseling. However the result strongly suggests that narrow skill training and practices, Nevertheless to become an expert practitioner is not the essence. As offered a ready to wear method, may relieve anxiety and stress. This can be a one way to be into the harbor during the storm, approach if it is only temporary, although the picture can be a continual searching trough the uncertainty because of the realization that human life can be in a going mystery just as the poets playwrights , theologians and novelists tell us. Thus the researcher is motivated to determine the effectiveness of the practices made by the Guidance Practitioner of the High School in the 2nd district of La Union particularly in the Basic Counseling Skills and Strategies employed to assists students how they scrutiny at things, the way they behave or react to situations and the way they handle also to develop their strategies for dealing with their situations. They perform this by getting to know them, developing and understanding of your circumstances, listening to what the students say and offer support and insights. Also to decrease/avoid the rapid…show more content…
Result of the study may serve as a basis for Continuing Educational Program to guide/lead the guidance practitioner to be more competent and effective in the

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