The Importance Of Professional Development

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Introduction In recent years, professional development has shown major concerned escalating everyone’s attention. Passing through the rapid changes, demands for high value standards and call for improving quality, Consultants have a need, as prior to renew and develop their current skills through professional development (Craft, 2000). Key skills provide support and ability to carry out wide range of task successfully in different fields like education or employment. Whereas, competence involves the capacity for critical thinking, analysis, and professional judgment in assessing a situation and making clinical decisions based on that assessment (Quick, 2012). As we know that for an organization a strategy is vital because it consists all…show more content…
If I try to find out what is the best quality in me, then I wouldlike to say, I have good writing, listening, friendly, researching skills all these mentioned skilled will useful for meeting organizations expectations. I also love to share all my skills to others so we can work together this will help to invent new things and brings new ideas to the organization. The following skill can be considered as a major. Communication and Interpersonal…show more content…
I possess effective communication and interpersonal skills. Communication and interpersonal skills are very important for this position as I have to directly deal with regular and new potential customers. Communication skills requires “developing active listening skills such as listening to nonverbal as well as verbal language, paraphrasing, using feedback, and asking appropriate questions can help to identify possible misinterpretations of the message, as well as check for unintended messages (Dixon 2005). I have had opportunities to develop such skills participating and leading many school and college events and project works. Professional Standards to meet organizational goals Firstly, we need to understand the importance of professional standards. According to the LLUK (n.d) the professional standards have a purpose. These standards are for all educators who work within the lifelong learning sector which describe the skills, knowledge and attributes required for those who are in teaching and training roles. Although IT Consultants can't be proficient in everything, they are expected to have fluency in major business and technology issues. But the following are the few key essential skills needed to be an IT Consultant. • Balance specialization and cross-functional expertise • Become an arbiter of

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