The Importance Of Homeland Security

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In the world full of threats and hazards every country needs an independent agency or a department on the governmental level that will act in accordance with the given country’s interests and values protecting and preventing any attacks, intrusions, and violations. In our country, such a body is Homeland Security Department, which has become the symbol of security and safety. Nevertheless, is that really so? Under a closer look and more rigorous research, it turns out that despite a well-developed national security strategy, the agency has been largely criticized for not being able to resolve the critical and urgent issues, face the challenges of the modern world and safeguard homeland from terrorist attacks. The current paper aims to provide…show more content…
In its turn, the university follows the path of student-centered learning and appreciates excellence, respect, personal development, responsible stewardship, and integrity. The institution educates individuals responsible for their deeds, who try to show their excellence and commitment to work and highly understand the importance of living peacefully in a community where members respect each other. Still, why is it significant to reflect on the core values of our university? In my perception, the implementation of the Homeland National Security Strategy starts with education and schooling of each individual. If all the US citizens do understand urgency and necessity of being self-responsible and respectful, contribution to the society and being loyal citizens, as a nation, we will grow stronger. In my consideration, all the universities need to adopt such system of values and principles so that to educate aware citizens who are conscious about their input to homeland…show more content…
Of a primary importance here is to stress again that the activity of the Department is not limited to the mere concern about combating terrorism, though in real life it turns out to be the main field of interest of DHS. There are many more urgent issues to resolve, such as natural hazards, which are left neglected, cyber security, which seems to be forgotten about. On the other hand, it is obvious that considerable time is necessary for effective implementation of any project. Department of Homeland Security is a relatively new agency, which as we know was formed in 2002. There is still a possibility that for such huge country as the US is 14 are not completely sufficient amount of time to incorporate all the necessary changes and manage the high level of security and control. Yet, this is not a unidirectional process, as not only DHS should be concerned with the core values and missions put forward to protect the nation and homeland. Other institutions, such as universities, private companies, and even individuals should incorporate a high level of awareness and appropriate values into their lives. Particularly large companies should apply cyber security strategies as well as terrorism

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