The Importance Of My Education

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A moment in my life when I realized the significance of being literate would be when I was in high school, my literate was realizing exactly how important education was to me and life. Personally, I am a nonchalant person who would choose to play games over studying for a test the very next day. When it comes to school I would choose to do anything over it; I could be failing a class or not doing so well in it and choose to hang out with friends than pick up a book. Before making a huge change in my life I never took my education seriously. Ironically, I came from a home that was well rounded and extensive in education, but I never took the time to value it as I should. Through all the classes I took in High School towards my mid senior year…show more content…
I had to realize I was making an important decision that would determine my future. Although it was difficult in the beginning I later started being able to study without hesitation and without problems. I developed a habit of going to the library after school instead of home because I recognized it was a lot more distractions at home I could not handle yet. A few months passed with me developing my study habits and putting myself in a new group of friends who wanted to better themselves too, come my graduation I was able to raise all my grades up from D’s to solid B’s and received a certificate not only of completion but a certificate of achievement(Improvement). I am very grateful that I took this change in my…show more content…
My first semester in college I was taking four classes and it was a difficult adjustment especially since I jumped in college straight after high school. My study habbitit didn’t really needed to be change but it didn’t fully stayed the same, mostly since I was working a part time job it just sharpen my skill of focusing and planning my day. When regerstign for class I took two classes early morning Monday& Wednesday; noon classes Tuesday &Thursday throughout the weak so I could have time to work, study, and most importantly sleep. My study method foundation stayed the same its just besides cutting out my distraction I sharpened my planning skills. My planning skill was a huge success because it worked on the first go round; after school I would have to go straight to work but, before I went to work I would make a list of all the things I needed to do for school; for example what classes to study for, what homework I had to do, and when assignment were due. After my list I would go to work and work my nine hour shift, later that night when I was off I would review a little bit of each class and prepare myself to my study each class in the morning for a set amount of time. This new updated method worked very well and made my first college experience a good one. I’ve been doing great with this study method and I owe it all to Mr. keitt my guidance conluser who got me

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