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Journey into America: the challenge of Islam is a novel written by Akbar Ahmed who stands as the Ibn Khaldun Chair of Islamic Studies, American University in Washington, D.C. and was the First Distinguished Chair of Middle East and Islamic Studies at the US Naval Academy in Annapolis (School of International Service). In this novel, Ahmed explores and discovers how Muslims (today and past) are fitting into the U.S. society by going into depth on identifying “American” and emphasizing the struggles and nightmares that Muslims face on an everyday basis trying to incorporate themselves with the American culture. Today, many Muslims are affected greatly by the responses that the U.S. are taking on terms of homeland security post 9/11. The actions…show more content…
Combining the two ideas together it can be thought as searching for American identity and Muslim components is based on the nation’s heartland. In the first chapter, an individual (studying at the mosque in Omaha) found that color continues to be a defining factor for Americans, affecting status and authority and shadowing tensions of past eras. Throughout the book, it hit on the importance of Islam in regards to America. It is urgent for America to comprehend Islam, not only for the sake of its ideals (including religious tolerance) but also for its geopolitical needs and strategy due to the American soldiers currently in Islamic territories (Iran, Afghanistan, Pakistan, etc.). Another reason for learning and having knowledge on Muslims is because of the long list of followers who want to harm the United States such as Osama bin Laden. Currently, 6 to 7 million Muslims live in the U.S. with about 1.5 billion worldwide. With 1 out of every 4 people on this planet are Muslim therefore they are starting to make an impact on all levels of American society if you like it or not. Unfortunately, it is not that easy for Muslims to make a living in America. People think that teaching Islam (holy texts) promote violence and terrorism. But the Muslim act does not help, such as major violence (Major Malik Nadal Hasan’s killing

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