Saygin Yalcin Case Study

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Saygin Yalcin - Founder & CEO of the Middle East's first and largest online car buying service: Introduction: An entrepreneur is a person who takes risk and uncertainty in the field of business .Saygin yalcin has appeared as a most successful entrepreneur and known as the Founder& CEO of .He is the German businessman with Turkish descent. He got an international master’s degree in the area of economics and business administration. He studied at top business schools in Germany (WHU), Mexico (ITAM) and the united state (USC). After completion of his study he arrives in Middle East with and launched the first car buying service in the region that is He is the founder of the first and largest online private…show more content…
They say that they are everywhere you are. You can find us if you live in Ajman. They are inside malls in Abu Dhabi and giving very easy experience to the people. He described himself as a “serial entrepreneur”. The basic concept to providing very quick and convenient car buying service has really proved a successful model across Europe and introduced something similar in a region where selling car can be a minefield. This business model solves most problems of the customers: He clarify that a car selling in the region of Middle East is a most important hassle for a majority of people. It has become the time wasting process because a lot of people give the fake information about the condition of their car and they are not getting a fair price. This business model solves most problems of the customers. There is no need of paperwork, you can instantly get money and they will take any car by following simple steps. This is really a wonderful and amazing service, having bough cars for more than one million dirhams and as very little as the amount of one dirham. Yalcin says: “we will not reject any car because it doesn’t really matter to us, it could be few years in the sea and we’ll take

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