What Is The Mood Of The Poem The Last Stand

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The Last Stand During medieval times, the people were portrayed to glorify heroic warriors through Anglo-Saxon poetry. They entitled different priorities than we would in the present day. Their highest obligations were to their families and paying loyalties to the king. “In a society organized around the bond between a lord and his sworn liegemen, all economic and geographic security, all personal and social identity, all safety, and all economic advancement came through the connection to the lord and to the mead-hall where he and his men would meet to celebrate together.”() The author of “The wanderer” gives the audience a look at what a person with faith “an eorl [warrior] who acts with courage” looks like. (line 14) Like other Anglo-Saxon…show more content…
The lone-dweller left with no purpose in life longs for a soul to connect with. In this state of misery, he is left to face his inner self which has gained wisdom through the years. When reflecting on his life and the lives of other noble warriors,he begins to draw the conclusion that the fate is the same for all. Everyone will go through unanticipated conflict but a true warrior stands strong and fights and has faith in what they believe in. The mood is a bit glumly but allows for signs of hope that his restraint and self control will pay off when he is united with his one true Lord in heaven and then he can fill his greater purpose. As the loneliness hungover him, he gathers his thoughts forming a higher perspective in that he knew no worldly thing lasts. A wise man understands his place in humanity. The work emphasizes the importance of knowing “the misery of that time / when the world’s wealth shall all stand waste (73-74). Disheartened by his lack of societal needs the person in the poem comes to grasp the fate of himself and all mankind. When feeling the pressure of his circumstances, the wanderer realizes that even the worst opposition could not take away
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