Case Study: Ethical Dilemmas

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Assignment #1: Ethical Dilemmas Melissa Garcia Business Ethics Professor Stevens September 10, 2017 Introduction Jorge Nunez and Jaqueline Kerry are members of a young accounts sales team for AgroLanch Enterprises, Inc. (ALE), which is a new firm of high tech agro-farmers. Their job is to sell the company’s portfolio to prospective clients in an attempt to make a deal. As an incentive for their efforts, they would each receive a 1% as a bonus of the total value of the each contract over $500,000. Eager to get a contract with a million-dollar client in Manila, Nunez stepped out of bounds and tweeted information about the proprietary information with the Manila client. Both Kerry and their supervisor, Joshua Hellman quickly recognized…show more content…
By Nunez tweeting out ALE proprietary information about growing methods to the Manila client, he committed proprietary infringement. This was very unethical on his part because by sharing this information with the public, he was risking the entire business operations. His tweet opened up the opportunity for other competitors who could have taken up the information and used it to their advantage. Although Nunez was simply trying to ensure that they got the contract, so much could go wrong by sharing that one tweet. The second dilemma that appears in this case study is when Kerry and Joshua find out about the tweet sent by Nunez. Apparently, dissemination of proprietary information about the ALE Inc. facilitated the ability of the two to get the million dollar contract. They were therefore hesitant as to whether to report Nunez to the management for his misconduct or ignore the misconduct as it resulted in the organization landing a high-value contract. Therefore, the situation presents the dilemma of to report or not to report. Consequently, failure to report will make Joshua and Kerry accomplices, and they will face ramification for failing to report the…show more content…
Meta-ethics is seeking to understand the nature of ethical properties and evaluations. Fieser states that egoism and altruism are of moral psychology concerns that inherent selfishness of humans, which in this case are compared to the selfish acts Nunez did to obtain the signed contract from Milan. He felt he had to do whatever it takes to seize the million dollar contract. Because of this, Nunez engaged in a malpractice in order to receive his 1% dividend. The disseminating of proprietary information would be the normative ethics category. Normative ethics involves arriving at moral standards that regulate right and wrong conduct (Fieser, n.d.). One should always stay true to themselves and respect all rules and regulations. By sharing the proprietary information with the general public, Nunez was disobeying and disrespecting his company’s rules. By sending out his tweet, he made it known to the world the competitive advantage of the organization which would obviously make it easier for competitors to use that valuable information against

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