Organized Crime Case Study

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The Best Approach of Attacking Organized Crime Undeniably, the world nowadays has become an unsafe place to live in. News about killing is always heard, and this phenomenon is evident from various places all over the world. Organized crimes exist for different reasons. It is either criminals are politically, religiously, and ideologically motivated, or they just want to make more money and profit even if it means they have to destroy the lives of the innocent ones. Because of this need, it is important that organized crimes are resolved. The right to live in a safe community should be given importance because it is a natural right. Although it is already enshrined in the U.S. Constitution, the government must continue to find means in order…show more content…
What a country needs is to carefully examine the relationship of the criminals and the politicians, government officials and legitimate businesspeople. Through scrutinizing such relationship, transparency and accountability are advanced. Further, the uses of government powers are properly regulated so as to avoid misuse and abuse. When there is stringent law implementation, police brutality and oppression are also avoided. The best way to attach organized crime is through traditional police enforcement. However, this comes with a twist. Significantly, it is important that policing has strategic routine patrol which increases police visibility. This way, the fear of people from possible crimes is reduced, and police can rapidly respond in times of crisis. Through this, crimes are prevented. It is also significant that there is an emphasized information sharing between law enforcement entities in the local and federal level so that the flow of information is made broader. This way, crimes are resolved at the earliest time possible. When there is effective traditional police enforcement, one can expect to live in a safe society with fair police services delivered to the people in the

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