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The Rise and Fall of the Armenian Kingdom of Cilicia Cilicia is a small region located along the Mediterranean Sea in the Tauras Mountains. During the time of the crusades, the territory was taken over by the Armenian Kingdom. For a few decades the Armenians ruled the land, rebuilding the broken cities and improving many aspects of the area. The Armenians survived countless attacks and deaths of their rulers, thriving as a group and continuing to advance their religious values and culture. Originally part of the Roman Empire in 27 BC, Cilicia became a primarily Armenian region after many Armenians migrated further west fleeing Arab persecutions. After the rise and fall of many rulers, the Armenians began a gradual withdrawal from the…show more content…
After the fall of Acre in 1291 Cilicia was the primary target for the Mamluks as they began their counter-crusades across the western cities of the area (1st book). When Constantinople died in 1204, the direct relations with Byzantium had disappeared, allowing the Byzantine Empire to oppress the Armenians. In 1404 Armenians accelerated their escape from Cilicia in fear of Timur after he took over the capital city of Sis. As the kingdom of Cilicia fell, the Armenian culture that had been established in Cilicia went with it. However, the Armenians did leave behind significant structures that were built during the time they spent in the land. Different architectural designs unique to the Armenians were found throughout the land, including forts and churches that helped the Armenians survive for as long as they did. The importance of scholarship and learning related to the Armenian clergy vanished, along with the art, literature, and traditional rituals that were all part of the Armenian culture (1st book). The only way to continue the traditions and values of the Armenian culture was through the return of the Armenian Church to its homeland in Greater Armenia. The strong and independent nature of the Armenians continues to show as they migrate out of the Cilician grounds and continue to build their culture elsewhere. After surviving countless attacks, the murdering of many kings, the destruction of cities, and the struggle of rebuilding the land, the Armenian people did not give up on making sure their culture continued to

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