The Importance Of Maritime Border Security

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Maritime border security; this activity nature has been mutual with regard to developing procedures and regulations in the maritime transportation sector, and to aid to build capacity in developing states, maritime border security, it is never identified as an independent process. Maritime border security considers one of the most significant perspectives of general border security and protection. Effective controlling of maritime borders of coastal states accomplished throughout their own sectors of maritime dominion, and ensuring that sovereignty and sovereign rights at their borders are dependably compulsory (Rahman, 2009). 4.3. Maritime territorial areas and ports threats Terrorists to smuggle personnel, weapons of mass destruction, or…show more content…
Maritime borders security require well understanding the risks and procedures phases, strategies, surveillance of maritime borders, and regional maritime borders security plans (Reniers, 2011). 5. The role of IMO toward maritime borders and ports security International Maritime Organization (IMO) has a long involvement in discussing local, regional and global treaties and has approved a number of instruments to affecting this goal. Particularly after September 11, 2001 terrorist attacks of, the International Maritime Organization (IMO), had scarcely considered security concerns. In 1983 resolution, A.545 “Measures To Prevent Acts of Piracy and Armed Robbery Against Ships”. In 1985, IMO resolution A.584 “Measures to Prevent Unlawful Acts Which Threaten Safety of Ships and 7 Security of Passengers (reviewed in November 2001 with IMO Resolution A.924)”. In 1986, the IMO approved MSC/Circ.443 “Measures to Prevent Unlawful Acts against Passengers and Crew on board Ships”. In 1988, the convention on the Suppression of Unlawful Acts against the Safety of…show more content…
Coastline and territorial water surveillance needs real-time connectivity across optimum coordination of Intelligence, observation and investigation efforts throughout the national territory operational zones. The effective maritime border security system, must include port protection (even underwater surveillance), and fishery control, based on surveillance arrays of shore radar stations, posts control, Unmanned Aerial Vehicles UAV’s and boats patrol, air-patrols control, and multi-zone response units such as coast guard, navy vessels, etc (Rashed, 2011)․ 6.1.1 Rescue Coordinating Center RCC and the territorial water surveillance RCC is the backbone of the search and rescue SAR components, as it coordinate and regulate the SAR operations. RCC is the hub to get other components working together to recognize the SAR system’s objective. RCC also takes the overall accountabilities of founding, maintaining and managing the SAR system. RCC has long been served as the

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