The Importance Of Habits In Business

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What is habit? Habits are learnt unknowingly to repeat past responses. They are activated by the actions that are performed with number of times. Habits built up based on the underlying pattern formed in the actions, which is performed intentionally or unintentionally across our daily life. Once the pattern is formed from the repeated actions, the habit can be trigger by the natural response when the person encountered with the similar pattern. For instance, when a person is walking out of a door and she used to close it. By doing it several times intentionally, a habit could be formed. Later on, he/she might unintentionally close a door whenever he/she walking out of a door. In addition, breathing could be one of a habit that was learnt since…show more content…
Listen Carefully “Most of the successful people I’ve known are the ones who do more listening than talking.” by Bernard M. Baruch. From this quote, we understand that most of the businessmen can be successful because they always listen. Listen to the consumers’ needs and reviews carefully; as a result, it will help us to understand the consumers in order that we can create more suitable and high quality product to satisfy them. Not only listen to the consumers, but also listen to your employees, business partners, and others because we can learn more information or things we don’t know from them. A good business communication is essential to managing and working in a productive and efficient workplace. 4. Always Asking We should acquire the ability to ask questions about ourselves. Sometimes, the people will fall into unproductive habits unconsciously. Therefore, good businessmen will always asking themselves and others about what they could do better or differently. Finding the right time and approach for asking these questions in a way that invites constructive and candid responses is critical. Try to ask yourself some of the questions like “What is my product and service actually?” and “What makes my customer buy my product? Through this habit, we can clearly understand our pros and cons; and also easier to set a specific target that is profitable to be

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