Economic Environment In International Business

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a. Technological environment The technological forces can modify an organizations in different ways, it impact the firm’s business operations, employee customers and even its product and services. Technological developments improve communication, increase leisure time And Information systems, thus, the company has to be taken in consideration before any action. b. Economic environment The economic environment consists of the broader economic factors and trends that may influence an organizations performance. It is divided in two; The Macroeconomic environment, which impact an entire economy and most of its participants, then there is the microeconomic environment, which affects the decision making like employee and consumers behavior. Most…show more content…
Most of the International firms often conduct analyzes of the socio-cultural environment before entering their target market. It important to know the values, culture, habits of the society in which you will operate your business because they will affect the organization plans. d. Demographic environment Demographic environment has to be analysing also to determine whether the company should expand to that particular country. Hence, the demographic environment influences Changes with population characteristics such as gender, age, race sexual orientation, ethnic origin and social class. Studying these factors will help on determining which methods to use to segment the population for effective marketing. e. Political-legal environment Political-legal environment are rules and regulations that a government establish in order to control and limit organizations practices and attitudes. For foreign companies it can become opportunities or threats, they must understand and respect the laws related to intellectual property companies, foreign exchange competition, labor, and so on. The Government policies such as monetary, fiscal, industrial, labor export-import police must also be respected and…show more content…
Unlike political, legal, and economic systems, culture has proven very difficult to identify and analyze. Its affects international business deeply and broadly, culture influences a range of interpersonal exchange as well as value-chain operations such as product and service design, marketing, and sales. Managers must design products and packaging with culture in mind, even regarding color. . For instance, a company shouldn’t sell beef in the Indian market because cows are considered as sacred animals in India. In Russia also, the color red may be considered as beautiful but in South Africa it is considered as a symbol of mourning. A firm should only expect a boom in your sales before national holiday of the host country not according to yours. This is why a firm has to take in consideration most of the cultural characteristics of the society targeted while implementing a business

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