The Importance Of Reading

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Introduction Reading books is one of the best habits which is necessary to develop. Books have a great significance in humans' life. They help to record the history of mankind and also propagate knowledge to next generations. Reading, which is a long-term habit starting with the very early ages, is the prominent gateway to the knowledge room. It can be assumed as a practice that assists individuals to gain creativeness and develops their critical thinking capacities. In this sense, a reading habit is an important tool for the development of personalities and mental capacities of individuals. In addition to personal and mental developments, reading is an access to social, economic and civic life (Clark and Rumbold, 2006; Chettri, 2013:…show more content…
Parents who love reading books and applying reading culture to their children will produce children who love to read. Although children will prefer to play or do other fun activities. Reading can provide benefits to children, among them is to arouse the imagination in the golden age of its development. Reading a book can improve vocabulary, sharpen memories, and improve the quality of self. In the United States and England, it seems that people read not because they must. Reading has become part of their daily activities. In England, many examples about how a culture of reading is nurtured and supported can be easily found. For example, schools hold reading day every week. Furthermore, one can find a reading corner at children centers and schools where a large variety of books are nicely placed on easy to reach shelves. Another important factor in nurturing and maintaining a good reading habit is a library. In England, libraries are usually big in size and managed well. In addition to many copies of the same book, these libraries usually hold different types of books, covering all kinds of subject matter. For the young readers, they also hold regular free storytelling sessions (Tanoto,…show more content…
Poor reading culture causes such. Such a view can be proved by the low quality of our social and business communication skills. They need to improve their reading culture. Children are the assets of the nation who will continue the struggle to advance this country. It is often said that developed countries are countries whose societies have high personal qualities, it can be realized by reading. Because by reading will broaden the horizons and add knowledge. This is why it is very important to instill reading interest in children from an early age. All the books, publications are screened well for grammar, vocabulary, spelling mistakes etc. by the publishers. So they can be quite perfect in terms of usage of language, grammar, words etc. Reading them helps the reader improve their vocabulary in communication and writing. Since one comes across new words, phrases etc. The reader gets habituated to using them in his daily language. Even the sentence formation, use of suitable words for expressing some view will be

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