Public Administration Challenges

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INTRODUCTION There has been growing tension and doubt on Africa becoming a developmental continent. Conceptualising the nature and challenges of public administration and management can be seen as a great impact to Africa becoming a developmental state. Public administration is a tool that guides the delivery of public sector management. In a numerous countries in Africa managing the public sector suggests a continuous mission to good governance. Good governance is one the core requirements of development. This report address describing the nature and challenges of public administration and management in Africa. Definitions Kuye (2014) defines as the study of practice of tasks related to behaviour, protocol and conduct affairs of…show more content…
2014). In Africa several public administration and management and policy centres are being established . There is a growth in the establishment and potential of graduates with vital tools and expertise. Currently many schools in the continent are teaching and researching issues surrounding political action building blocks and self interest (kuye. 2014). This inter-disciplinary approach has led to the increase of quality and nature of teaching and research in public administration and management and public policy studies. Currently in Africa, especially in countries such as South Africa and Nigeria, there are debates around public administration that indicate that there is a need to equip the…show more content…
This has resulted in a increase in public participation with a improvement in communication of good governance. But Africa faces various challenges throughout the continent. Mukandala (2000) in the book “African Public Administration” identifies the challenges facing the continent as institution crisis, continued domination of the colonial logic in public administration, poor or non-implementation of legislated policies, persistent and endemic corruption and the articulation of structural adjustment programmes with privatization and civil service reform. Other challenges among challenges facing Africa include the language used by government departments and public servants, issues relating to training and development, the role of research in informing policy and demographic representation. This paper will discuss some the selected challenges and identify solution to this challenges that can enhance good governance in

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