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The Power of Habit, Why We Do What We Do In Life and Business, by Charles Duhigg, explores the many experiments, scenarios, and companies, which encompass the idea of Habit. More specifically the mechanics behind it, and the many things it can do. The Power of Habit, is one of four books required to read for an AP Psychology summer assignment. From the four books, I choose this book as it appealed to the fundamental idea of habit. I found habit to be an interesting concept to be studied and wondered how important it was to society. I was extremely satisfied with my reading of this book. The Power of Habit was able to accomplish what many books, including the other three options given, were not able to do. The Power of Habit was able to educate with reasonable and accurate data and examples; ranging from Target’s and Starbuck’s success as a company of habit, to a American Football manager using the mechanics of habit to win the Super Bowl. Throughout the book, familiarity was brought by the examples widely known companies and the many experiments used to test the power of habit. The most powerful strength of this book, was intelligent use of data and visuals to help better the understanding for the reader. The language was easy to understand to provide the clearest explanation of…show more content…
Chapter 4 explores the success of Paul O’neill, former CEO of Alcoa, an aluminium company. Several pieces were appealing and extremely informative on the idea of Keystone Habits. The story and the information within, opened my understanding of the importance of habits. Prior to reading this book, I had thought habit was a mere action that took place in our heads whenever we did something unknowingly. However, the story of Paul O’neill revealed the depth of habit. Without reading this chapter, there would be no intro into the world of

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