Nestle Corporate Social Responsibility Case Study

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A. Model of Corporate Social Responsibility: By “MahaFathy” “CSR aims to insure that companies conduct their business in a way that is ethical, this means taking account of their social, economic and environmental impact and consideration of human rights”. Nowadays it is very vital that companies play a role in giving back to the community in order to enhance its ethical reputation. We decided to take Nestlé as the example of a company that is well known for its CSR activities. Firstly, Nestlé has a dedicated team that handles the CSR activities, in which they refer to it differently as CSV (Creating Shared Value) rather than CSR; this indicates how Nestlé considers it a fundamental factor to their success. The CSV activities in Nestlé covers three different aspects: Nutrition, Water and Community development. The first aspect we will speak about is Nutrition, Nestlé here aims at increasing nutrition understanding and knowledge, helping Egyptians overcome…show more content…
Having said this, Nestlé has two different campaigns related to nutrition, Nestlé Healthy Kids and Nestlé Khamsa Le Sehetak, the “Nestle Healthy Kids” program is a global enterprise adopted by Nestle Egypt and has been successfully active for two consecutive years. The main goal of this program is to raise awareness about nutrition, wellness and health for school age children in Egypt with the determination of building the basis for a healthy generation. The program also aims to inspire Egyptian school children to obtain positive nutrition habits, with the purpose of ensuring healthy development and assisting in the protection against diseases such as obesity, anemia, low immunity caused by high levels of malnutrition. Their progress is outstanding

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