Fears Of Public Speaking

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Abstract: The purpose of the research is to identify the fears of public speaking among students, find out the reasons behind them by listening to the explanations behind them and their experiences and finally digging into finding solutions for eradicating such fears among students. We will conduct questionnaire surveys, interviews with the students, a case study on a student and will use resources from books, articles and the internet. All the primary research methods will help us gather the first hand experiences and fears of the students during public speaking. Secondary research on the other hand will enable us to conclude our research by providing solutions to the students to overcome their fears. Introduction: Problem statement: There…show more content…
Our research will dig into specific criteria for fears for example is gender, age groups or past experiences determine the level of fear among students and finally we will try to promote the ease of public speaking. Our research will question the first timers about their experiences? Whether they are aware if the fears prevent their performance? The solutions that they think might help them get through the public speaking situations? etc. Our research will students to become better public speakers as they will be able to refer to the experiences of others and feel comfortable by sharing their own burdens and the other audience will see how our sample students are able to overcome their fears. Review of related literature: Our basic research purpose is to investigate fear of public speaking among students, which in turn will also divert academic community's attention to this problem so they focus on it and assist students also take initiative of planning to make speaking skills, oral communication of students while presenting better. our basic aim is to determine causes of prevalence of fears of public speaking also provide…show more content…
Methodology: We will employ both primary research and secondary research ; primary research to gather data on fears, the experiences as well as for the recommended solutions and secondary research for mostly the solutions, both of which will be qualitative. Our sample population will comprise of the undergraduate students in different institutes of Lahore because undergraduate students are new to public speaking and the fears. Our primary target will be the students of humanities and social sciences because of their need of presenting at every stage of their career. We will use random sampling as well as snow-ball sampling in which students will be asked to refer their friends who have specifically serious trouble dealing with the issue. The research instruments to be used in our research are questionnaires , interviews, case study, books and articles which all combined will verify the validity and the reliability. Then after the compilation of the data we will analyze the results. Ethical and logical consideration: None of the questions we use in the questionnaire or the interviews will target anyone

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