Paul Goldberg Disconnected Urbanism

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Smart phones have become a basic necessity for many people because of its fascinating capabilities. If there is something that can multitask without complaining, it’s a smart phone. Many people depend on their smart phone not just to communicate with family and friends, but to search the web, communicate via social media websites, find locations and many more commodities. Many people believe that a smart phone and its many forms of communication, specially social web sites can bring together people from all over the world, and that it can bring down the barriers of race, religion and social status. In fact, this might be true, but there is no significant purpose in meeting new people when some cannot even spend time or learn more about the…show more content…
Sometimes family members come from all over the state or country to meet and have a great time with each other. At times, some members of the family might have some kind of business that requires them to be on the phone constantly, but others stay on their smart phone from the time they arrive to the time they depart for no reason. It can be frustrating for some members of the family when they are trying to summon everybody to the dinner table, and see that some prefer their smart phone over a few hours of quality time. In the essay “Disconnected Urbanism” Paul Goldberg explains how phones disconnect people from events or places and how easy is to disregard people around them when the urge to use the phone becomes a necessity and he insists, “You are there but not there” (236). The barrier that smart phones cause in family events is devastating and diminishes the possibilities to continue having these family meetings in the…show more content…
The more time kids spend on their smart phones, playing games or watching videos is time they could have spent doing chores or learning something that can be beneficial to their future. But kids are not just to blame for being distracted on their smart phones. Parents are guilty of this bad habit too, for example, some parents would rather spend time updating their social media web page and give little or no importance to what their kids have to say about school. Sometimes parents would rather keep their kids occupied with the device than having to deal with everyday complaints or request from their kids, which can result in antisocial, troubled kids. A smart phone doesn’t bring people in the same household together Perhaps creates a separation between

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