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Pakistani culture has a diversity of cultures within it different provinces it ranges in food to dressing, language to way of living, various rituals of death, birth and marriage ceremonies. We can see a breakdown of our old or previous cultures and lifestyles followed by the natives of Pakistan due to the invasion by other culture which used mass media as their basic tool. Politico economic media imperialism is that we see all over Pakistan. Developed countries like America, England and Australia or simply we can say the western world are economically strong and they impose their ideas of new technological advancements through different means or medium of mass communication like movies, drama series, news, print media and new media ect. Due to these mediums there is a great impact on the lives, thoughts , believes and ideas of every Pakistani . Their main target audience or the age group which is being affected the most is 10 to 40 yrs of…show more content…
And sitting with parents and family is considered uncool by our western influenced society and they feel ashamed of it. This socialization with the friends, is directly affecting our culture of family life in Pakistan. Youth falling in this particular age group prefer individual life more. This all has increased the partying scene on occasion like newyear’s evening, birthdays, valentines, hollies, Halloween Christmas and on weekends. Drinking alcohol and usage of drugs are also becoming very common and acceptable by our society. Eradicating the cultural norms and values culture that once existed. As being a Muslim country our believes, norms and cultural values were according to our religion but now this all is being

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