Water Buffalo Short Story

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I sit and gaze into the crystal clear, baby blue water. Gazing at my lightly tinted orange fur as the cool peppermint wind brushes through my luscious locks of golden fur. Oh, how me and my golden locks were proudly the proudest animal in all of the jungle. I was astonishingly proud of my long fangs, sharp claws and my golden coat. I was not afraid of any animal in the whole jungle except for the water buffalo. The water buffalo was enormous, strong and had powerful horns. To be honest, I was quite scared of water buffalo, but I certainly never showed it. One morning I saw water buffalo hooked onto a plow and I was very confused on how water buffalo was ordered work out in the fields. In Fact I had never seen such an animal boss around Water buffalo! This animal did not even have claws or fangs. They did not even have a beautiful golden coat. Later that day the strange animal left as water buffaloes work was done. I walked on over to water buffalo “Why do you work for that animal? It does not have a golden coat, fangs or claws? I exclaimed. Water Buffalo just shook his head at me and looked at me and said “You do not understand Tiger, that is not an animal it is man and he does not need claws, a golden coat or fangs. The man strictly has wisdom” I was shocked and confused on what this wisdom was. “What…show more content…
I even waited all day in the extreme heat and abounding animals, even laughed at me, I told them to go away, but even then I just replied “Man Is bringing wisdom to me!”Everyone just kept laughing and I just kept waiting. Water buffalo came to me and said “Tiger what have you gotten yourself into!” Water buffalo walked away with a shake of his head and continued to walk away as I stayed all tied up. As a result, I just kept waiting and I was starting to get hungry I even thought about eating one of the goats. I tried to turn my head, but I was tied extremely tightly to the

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