Gender Roles In The Godfather

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The Godfather, however, places a lot of importance on the theme of gender roles. It is one of the themes in the conventional gangster genre that is considerably emphasised in the movie. Audiences are capable of recognising a gangster film when they see one. Some of the familiar icons that this genre is associated with are a jungle setting, a brutal gangster hero who has loyal and over-ambitious henchmen and for the sake of this essay, women as ornaments, mothers and sisters who uphold stereotypical values and montage sequences of violence (Browne 26). The Godfather is said to have defied this social generic conventions except for the women upholding stereotypical roles part. Males in the Corleone family in The Godfather are the privileged and powerful gender. All…show more content…
When The Godfather is analysed from a feminist perspective, there is a considerable demarcation of the sexes. The female characters are subjected to violence, oppression, inequality, economic dependency. When using Patriarchal Theories, Radical Gendering and Feminism, it is possible to get to the unexplored side of The Godfather (Browne 26). Marxist Feminism is founded on capitalist relationships which are the root cause of female oppressions, the discrimination meted against them by men coupled with exploitation. Marxist Feminism asserts that men are socialised in a way that is exploitative with the relationship they have with their job and this is the socialization that they carry into their homes and the relationships that they have with women. The family system that is emphasized in The Godfather benefits capitalism (and is by extension beneficial for men who dominate power and influential positions) (Browne 26). The system forces women to take the responsibility of child bearing. The most significant example of Marxist feminism in The Godfather is Connie Corleone who marries Carlo

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