The Importance Of Front-End Planning

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According to the Construction Industry Institute (1995), adequate front-end planning on construction projects does not always mean the project will be successful, however, as a result of inadequate front-end planning on the construction projects, more projects have failed than not. Information is gathered through the front-end planning process which helps in making decisions whether or not the project should be approved, terminated or alternatively the project could be modified before it can continue. However, management very often disregards the importance of adequacy of this process. The active involvement of senior management is essential before any decisions which will determine the fate of a project are finalized during front-end…show more content…
According to Bosfield (2012), front-end planning is a process of great value to the overall project which utilizes the developed project definition and monitoring of the use of resources to mitigate any risks that may be associated with the project in future. Furthermore Cao et al (2011) assert that with detailed, well-organized, systematic and well-controlled front-end loading in place the certainty that will be established will almost sufficient to guarantee project…show more content…
Front-end loading uses gate reviews to address risk and value in order to ensure positive project performance (Chapman & Ward, 2011).The use of this stage-gate process encourages a sequential process with each stage clearly defining the roles and responsibility of each person involved (Edkins et al., 2013). Furthermore (Lingard et al, 1994) emphasizes that identification of risks at an early stage give the opportunity of early mitigation of the risks, avoiding future losses of confusion. These methods, when identified at an earlier stage in the project, will be more effective and benefit the project positively. The front-end loading phase consists of various elements i.e. budget estimating, basic programming, updating of the periodic control programmes are important in ensuring that the project time is met and also that the project deliverable will be met ( Al-Reshaid et al,

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