Advantages Of Cigar Cutters

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For cutting your cigars with precision, you need a cutter that delivers great performance, has a solid construction, and it's easy to use. At the same time, besides the fact that it has to make clean cuts, a high-quality cutter has be made of to-o quality-materials and to feature a stylish design because many people put a great value on its appearance, especially the passionate smokers. Since there are many such models on the market, we've decided to pick for you 5 of the best cigar cutters that will make perfect cuts every time you want to relax and enjoy a cigar. This high-end cutter is worth every extra penny you have to pay because it delivers clean cuts for your cigars. The Tonino Lamborghini Le Mans features two stainless steel blades, one at the bottom which remains in place, and one at the top, which moves up and down when you want to make a cut. Furthermore, in order to make it easier to handle, the manufacturer introduced a small knob releases the main blade every time you push it. For safety reasons, after performing the cut, the top blade locks in place until you trigger the knob again. Due to the fact it's rather heavy, the product…show more content…
The double guillotine blades makes it easy to use and handle while it fits perfectly into your hands. In order use this product, you have to hold it firmly, push the flick placed at the center, and then squeeze it to perform the cut. After that, it stays locked until your next cut, without having to worry you may get injured. Also, the stainless steel blades are sharp enough to deliver a flawless cut from on single movement, this being one of the reasons why this model, as well as others from Xikar, are such popular. Furthermore, we really like the slim, tear drop design which is quite innovative. Furthermore, it's lightweight and it's available in many patterns and colors, being a perfect acquisition for every cigar

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