Rabbit Hole Reflection

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Through the process of deciding which play to act out, I found that there were many plays to choose from. My group brainstormed a variety of plays before deciding on Rabbit Hole. In Rabbit Hole, I feel that what intrigued me was that I did not come across modern family plays often. It was smaller in scope than the plays I have analysed in the past, with more relatable themes. Playing multiple roles in the drama production of Rabbit Hole was an experience filled with diversity as I took on the role of artistic director, alternating Becca and Danny as well as working backstage. As an artistic director, I came up with the outfits of Becca, Jason and Danny. Creating the different look was rather deliberate and symbolic as their look conveyed…show more content…
This is seen through our process of deciding who was more suitable to take on the characters. Sarah had a lower voice that suited the character of Jason while Glenda, having a higher pitched voice that she brought it down slightly lower to sound more mature after discussion among us suited the character of Becca. As for me, my voice belonged to a higher pitch and more soothing one, thus I could deliberately raise my pitch and make out a cute innocent voice to suit the character of Danny. Being adaptable and resolving issues was how we worked together as we met with a problem of staging at the beginning. Initially, we wanted Becca’s shadow to show behind the screen during parallel universes, but unfortunately, the screen was too opaque and we could not proceed with the original plan. However, we were flexible as a group as we change our plans to the best we can at that point in time by planning for Becca to walk on stage behind the living room setting directly. The importance of rehearsals and on the spot adaptation was a vital aspect of theatre production we learnt as a

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