Importance Of Enterprise Resource Planning

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Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) is the higher- end software solutions for business that has lent by Information Technology to the world of business application. An ERP software in an organization will seeks to streamline and integrate operation, processes and information flows in an enterprise, that synergize the resources of an organization namely manpower, materials, money value and machines. In other words, ERP systems integrate all data and processes of entire organization into compiled yet unified system. A key feature of most ERP systems is the use of a unified database to store data for the various modules. ERP Role in Business Most of the Industries across the world have realized that in an amebic business ambiance, it is impossible…show more content…
IT Company is simply doing cluster of tasks in large number of different elements and framing into single unit of output as delivery. Three of the most important ERP tools available today are manufacturing, human resources, and finance. The finance tools will allow companies who can successfully maintain their financial information includes asset, accounts, budgets and cash flow. ERP can also assist a company in managing internal as well as external factors affecting their business value. A company which uses ERP financial products can save a great deal of money value over the long period, the reason being, this is productivity of the organization will be improved by forecasting all operations. Enterprise Resource Planning is a kind of digital planning that gets rid of our time consuming activities as like paper billing & plan sketching. A company using ERP software can able to study their total backend processes, earnings, and performance by coupling their operational information with their financial values. Once this information coincides, a company can become more competitive and product oriented. Synergy is an important part of ERP software where combining multiple processes into a single unit will allow the company to become successful over upcoming business…show more content…
Enterprise Resource Planning will allow companies to successfully automate the loop of buying materials and maintaining them and also converting them into finished product. There are modules which track the supplies that are purchased as earlier and can also make calculations about how these materials should be distributed among various units. It’s more possible for a company to predict the demands of the current market based on history, economic strategy, and data from their employees. They can even predict, decide when a product should be produced from plant, and they can do this based on the raw materials that is available in ware house. Open source ERP Among all ERP there is an exciting open source ERP, with this you can have "full freedom" to do what you want with it. You can host it on your own and customize it to your business based requirements. Open source ERP is built on a powerful web application framework based on Python and JavaScript, Frappe. With Frappe technologies, you can easily extend your ERP module by using the API or creating fully featured extensions (called apps) implementing custom requirement and functionality for your

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