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Gallery Paper This was the first time I visited an art gallery. Initially, I was not sure of what to expect, the thought of a brand new experience was quite overwhelming. I had several questions, how do I dress? What do I look for? I spoke with my wife, she politely said to me, “all you have to do is visit and have fun.” With that thought in mind, I decided to open up my mind, feel easy and have a good time. Upon further inquiry from classmates, I stumbled on the same answer, “The main thing to do when visiting an art gallery is to enter it with an open mind”. At the back of my mind, I held on to the thought that an art gallery is a place to sell, display and appreciate art. It is not a museum. Upon research, I found that most galleries are welcoming.…show more content…
The location was the Art Gallery of the California State University, Stanislaus. I came in, eager to take a look, admire or gaze at the artworks. Each person was there for their own individual purposes. Some of us were students, while some were artists, others had varying reasons for being there. What is to stop them from thinking that I am an artist? I found the atmosphere cozier and more accommodating than museums. The good thing was that upon arrival, I saw many known faces from class, which put my mind to rest. Also, as a courtesy to the guests, we were all given free handout materials with thought out information on the artist and his artworks, which in itself was a good idea. The materials gave me an insight on what to expect, I found myself gravitating into the unknown, an unfamiliar world of

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