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Introduction Medical Gloves existence is becoming more and more important. Scientists and engineers strive to create cheaper and safer medical gloves for use in areas such as medical field and industries. This essay comprises and analyses the method of production of medical gloves and also the differences between materials used in producing medical gloves. It shows the pros and cons of each materials of medical gloves and also the efficiency of its production. The study will be conducted by researching various sources such as websites, journals, articles, books. The goal is to increase the knowledge regarding the medical gloves and its productions. Literature Review Medical gloves is a type of gloves that are worn by people who are performing experiments in the laboratory and also people who are performing medical examinations and procedures. Based on World Health Organization’s Report, it is categorized into 3 types: Examination Gloves, Surgical Gloves and Chemotherapy Gloves. In medical field, the purposes of wearing medical gloves are to prevent contamination on the patients by the medical caregiver and vice versa, and also to prevent the spread of infectious germs or bacteria to surroundings.…show more content…
The popular ones are made of Nitrile Rubber, Latex, Vinyl and Neoprene , but this essay will focus only on latex as it is the most common one. They are also divided into the powdered and unpowdered ones. Powdered latex gloves are added with cornstarch, which makes them easier to be worn by the users because it is faster and easier to slide in. According to AMMEX , a leading global company in medical gloves production. The process of producing different kinds of Medical Gloves can be summarized into a flowchart as

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