The Importance Of Culture In India

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All over this amazing planet is an astonishing grouping of people and cultures that many do not even know exist. Although, understanding these different places is vital to comprehend for numerous different reasons on a verity of levels. A culture is defined by Webster’s Dictionary as, “the customary beliefs, social forms, and material traits of a racial, religious, or social group; also: the characteristic features of everyday existence” (2018). Learning about a culture has several progressive implications for the person studying it: economic resources, social hierarchy, religion, world power standing, and even military strategies. As American servicemen and women, one must understand the interpersonal and inner workings of India, as well…show more content…
Lessons learned from current conflicts show that a better understanding of the social makeup of a country would have benefited greatly. Thus, demonstrating the importance of leaders at all levels to understand the social structures of varying countries. India’s social structure is called the caste system, separated into four major castes- the Brahmans, Kshatriya’s, Vaisyas, and the Sudras. Simplified by the “IndianFolks” website, “The Kshatriyas are the warriors, Vaisyas are the business class, the merchants and the Sudras are the working class” (2009). All over the world people have and respect these classes, although India’s wording is different from most of the modern world. As India evolves into more of an urbanized society the caste systems is slowly going away. The family still plays a very pertinent role in the modern day Indian family. Hence, divorce is a taboo practice due to the civilization’s value placed on children and their upbringing. Unlike American culture where importance is placed on money and a social status. The Indian people value the rearing of a child and the importance that has on the success of the country’s future. Overall, the value of each individual from man, woman, to child is equally respected and valued. (What is The Social Structure of India,…show more content…
India’s military endeavors sometimes go overlooked, although they play a vital role in the past and future of the country. Often intertwined with South Asia, India’s military started several millennia ago and can be traced back to some of the most ancient conflicts in South Asia. A multitude of dynasties and empires came and went it South Asia during the ancient times, raging with a plethora of conflicts and power changes. The British ruled India for the majority of modern history from 1858-1947. During this time the British utilized the Indian Expeditionary Force, which greatly boosted the Crown’s World War 1 efforts with approximately 1.5 million combat ready soldiers. Sadly, the war efforts provided by India went unappreciated as well as quickly forgotten by their counterparts. (Bostanci,

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